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The external chimney can be constructed in a variety of materials and finishes, using metal sheet in copper, AISI 304 stainless steel or hot-galvanised steel, pre-painted in a choice of 4 colours: dark brown, silver grey, brick red, anthracite.
The materials have a thickness of 6/10 mm. which is ideal, with the various shaped bends, for providing an excellent mechanical resistance under all conditions, while reducing the weight of the extractor (about 20-30 kg according to size). The chimney is composed of two parts: the base and the cap. The base is the lower part of the chimney which will sit (like the lid of a box) over the top of the turret. The border on its lower edge is bent outwards to prevent rainwater from trickling over the surface of the turret (drip-stopping effect).
The useful internal dimensions of the base, as well as the size of the cap, are calculated to suit the dimensions (side x side) of the turret to which it will be fixed (measurements are to be stated when the enquiry is made). The chimney is fastened on all four vertical sides of the base, using the appropriate dowel screws provided.
The cap has four concentric layers inclined 45 degrees. At the top there is an air vent for cooling the motor, protected by a small round cap. Both the base and the cap are screwed to the structure of the chimney fan.


The chimney fan consists of a class H (for high temperatures) 220-volt motor with rotating blades and anti-intrusion protection. It can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees and continues to function for several minutes (up to 20) even when surrounded by bare flames in the case of a chimney fire. It is supplied complete with a control panel, to be placed closed to the fireplace, provided with an on-off switch, a quick-change fuse holder and a 6-speed selector switch for adjusting suction power. The number of rpm, amperes and watts absorbed depends on the speed selected.
The cubic metres/hour of air extracted also depend on the selected speed, passing from 280 m 3 at low speed to 2500 m 3 in top speed (referred to a square flue with a section of 40x40cm). The condenser is mounted on the side of the motor head enclosed in the cap. Attached are 3 electric cables, protected for 60 cm by fire-proof sheathing. The extractor is supplied complete with instructions for making the electric connections.

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Artegronda extractors are constructed to very high standards. Electric parts are covered by an Artegronda warranty for 3 years and the metal structure for 10 years. When used correctly, the electrical and mechanical parts of the extractor will function more efficiently and the chimney will last a lot longer, too.
We recommend running the extractor for a few minutes at top speed at least once every 10 days; Thanks to the centrifugal force the fan blades clean themselves of dust or soot. The high speeds (numbers 5 and 6) have a very high suction power (up to 2500 m 3 of air every hour). They should therefore be used only in cases of real necessity.
When the extractor is switched on for the first time or after a considerable period of inactivity, start immediately with top speed (number 6) then reduce to lower speeds. This extractor has been designed for removing fumes deriving from chimneys, pizza ovens, kitchen hoods, air evacuation. All other uses are to be considered improper. The constructor cannot be held liable for any damage deriving from improper, erroneous or unreasonable use.
Do not handle electric controls with wet hands or bare feet. Never allow children or incapable persons to use the chimney fan.